page title icon Freedom from the Self-Improvement Trap


The knowledge part of KPSB is the most obvious barrier to manifesting the meaningful results we want.


Because it’s the one we’ve been working on the longest. 

And, unfortunately, the information age we live in has sucked us deeper down into this trap.

It’s counterintuitive because logically we assume that with all the access we have to all the information in the world, we should be able to solve any missing gaps in our knowledge, do we not?

And yet…

It has the opposite effect. It’s increased this blindspot.

We read all the books… watch all the Facebook Live videos… subscribe to the top YouTube channels… follow the flavor-of-the-month social media voices… attend hotel seminars, workshops and webinars… higher business, marketing and life coaches… and, of course, join the expensive mastermind groups…

…all in our quest to bridge the gap (even though it seems unbridgeable at times).

There’s nothing wrong with self-improvement.

Because, the simple truth is, your “success” (whatever that looks like to you) grows in direct proportion to how much you grow personally.


And, of course, access to the right information is crucial.

However, without a personalized strategy to put your knowledge to work for you, you’ll always be a spectator watching others leverage that knowledge without you. 

From 23+ years work with tens of thousands people from all over the world, I can state with complete certainty:  

We are all stuck in professional student mode to a greater or lesser degree.  We may be getting smarter. We’re accumulating more information.  Yet, we’re finding it harder and harder to leverage any of it so we can see the results we want with it.

(And, just so you know: Nobody is immune… even the most successful powerhouses regardless if they admit to it publicly or not, battle with this on a weekly basis)

Mistaking knowledge for growth

Lemme break it down for ya like this:

Vinegar and Baking Soda, separately, stays in the same state. 

Now if you mix the smallest amounts of each together and transformation happens.  And, that transformation creates overflowing growth.  

Because, action without knowledge is the same as knowledge without action: Stagnation.


Personal growth requires, both, knowledge and action. 

Combine small amounts of both and you set off a chemical reaction of transformational growth instantly, do you not?  It’s the experience _of _applying new knowledge in your life that triggers the growth that allows you to manifest the results you want, isn’t it?

It’s all about the practical application of what we learn. Which, obviously, requires a solid game-plan.

However, not just any approach will do.

Here’s what I mean:

Of all the information you find, how much of it is of the shortcut, hack and/or loophole variety?

Probably more than 90%, yes? That’s because most of the expert advice keep us focused on short-term, tactical approaches. Very few show us how to be strategic in nature. 

See, tactical plans have a shelf life, expire, and can only (will only) work under a very specific set of conditions and circumstances. Change those conditions the slightest bit and the tactic is dead.


Without the right strategic game plan, results are not only always short lived, it’s also always a mystery as to why they worked in the first place. Which means they can’t be duplicated.

Tactical plans trick you into working like crazy looking for your gold eggs, and blinds you to the goose that lays ’em at the exact same time.

We get so dialed into to finding more gold eggs that every new technique, tactic, and method tried are only about detecting where the next pocket of eggs are hidden. Like a crackhead, if we’re lucky enough to stumble on to an egg or two, it’s only a matter of time before we have to find a new tactic to get our next fix because the old one no longer works.

Tactical plans are the leading cause of burnout. We’re always searching. You can’t stop. Ever.

The instant a new pocket of eggs is uncovered, everyone fights to stake their claim to ‘em. The only thing we know for sure is that we’ve got to wake up tomorrow and start our egg hunting all over again from zero.

Fear drives it all:

  • Fear we won’t find the right tactics to discover more eggs. 
  • Fear there are no more eggs to be found.
  • Fear someone else will beat us to the limited egg supply. 
  • Fear the eggs we already have will be stolen.
  • Fear, fear, fear…

Once fear creeps in, it’s just a matter of time before the unavoidable crash and burn. 

On the other hand, a good strategic plan…

…directs us to look for the goose, so we can stop the endless search for fresh eggs. 

And, a brilliant, personalized strategic plan? 

A strategic plan that’s been personalized to your specific needs, shows you how to make more geese (instead of trying to find ’em;-).

See, tactics are specific tools, resources, and methods you use in your hunt.  Tactics only work as well as the person using them.  

Personalized strategy determines who, what, when, where, why, and how you use those tactics.  

A few words of caution, tho…

Even a strategic plan is likely to fail in the long run if you never make it your own

It’s vital that your strategy is right for you personally. 

Because all of us are different people with different goals, dreams, talents, and visions for ourselves.  We all comprehend and learn slightly differently.

So, this means, the specific strategy that’s right for you might not work for me unless adapted to fit.  That’s why the same strategic plan brings freedom to one person but not for another.  

You can cure your KPSB when you personalize your strategic plan to your specific life situation, experiences, personality, and vision.  Because then your personalized strategy is keeping pace with the rate of your personal growth.

Now, as you grow so does your world of possibilities because you see more.

New horizons triggers your curiosity to explore ’em.

And, exploring gives you new knowledge, and new experiences that you’ll eagerly customize and make a part of your overall strategy.